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Be Aech Enterprise Blondy's Dude Boston Mac Docs Remedy
Harlan Hollywood Dun It Hollywood Jac 86 King
Poco Bueno Skipper W Three Bars Topsail Whiz
Two Eyed Jack Zan Parr Bar    

Doc's Remedy 1973; Bay; (Doc Bar x Teresa Tivio)

Show Record
NCHA Futurity
NCHA money-earner
Halter Point Earner
Performance Point Earner

Offspring Record
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
Working Cow Horse Money-earners
NSBA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners
Performance Point Earners
Outstanding Offspring
A Lotta Doc, $70,471 LTE-CUT; 26 Perf. Pts.
Chex Out This Remedy, LTE WCH-$79,595.61
Cutters Remedy, $1,051.72-NRHA; 1.5 Perf. Pts.
Docs Boots, $1,969.47-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Docs Celebrity, $13,540.81-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Docs Fancy Remedy, $1,002.38-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
Docs Holey Remedy, $1,773.75-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
Docs Kachina, $3,327.81-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Docs Lady Remedy, $1,318.60-NCHA; 17 Perf. Pts.
Docs Nicolady, $47,369 LTE-CUT
Docs Paulexite, $12,703.38-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Docs Remichex, LTE WCH-$10,640.47
Docs Replica, $3,809.87-NCHA; 5 Perf. Pts.
Docs Spring Tonic, $1,959.22-NCHA; 42 Perf. Pts.
Donít Doc Me, $6,995.10-NCHA; $577.20-NRHA; 39.5 Perf. Pts.
Dox Remedy Rey, $43,290 LTE-CUT; 3 Perf. Pts.
Dual Doc, $9,803.98-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Forty Smacks, $3,391.33-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Honey Remedy, $75,751 LTE-CUT; 1 Perf. Pts.
Im Dee Remedy, $6,689.83-NCHA; 5 HLT & 43 Perf. Pts.
Jazie Doc, $5,691.34-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Master Remedy, $194,508 LTE-CUT, NCHA Platinum Award
Maximum Remedy, $9,954.04-NCHA;
MI Royal Remedy, $1,585.18-NRHA; 38.5 Perf. PTs.
Miss Sugar Remedy, $21,610 LTE-CUT
Miss Sweet And Low, $8,129.84-NCHA; 5 Perf. Pts.
Mr Odom 121, $11,854.86-NCHA
Remedy Cal Doc, $28,224 LTE-CUT; 3 Perf. Pts.;, '82 3rd NRCHA World Champ SB Futurity
Remedy Commander, $57,921 LTE-CUT
Remedy Gay, $8,000.07-NCHA; 3.5 Perf. Pts.
Remedy Pays Chex, $5,374.34-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Remedy Reward, $15,337.15-NCHA; 1.5 Perf. Pts.
Remedys Dark Star, $17,403.45-NRHA; 21 Perf. Pts.
Remedys Expression, LTE WCH-$11,705
Remedys Gold Feline, $1,014.15-NRHA; 14 Perf. Pts.
Remedys Pepalita, $6,113.24-NCHA
Remedys Peppy San, $13,425.73-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Remedys Queen, $2,276.60-NCHA; .5 Perf. Pts.
Remedys Response, $36,162 LTE-CUT
Remedys Rid A Me, $6,533.81-NCHA; 4.5 Perf. Pts.
Reminic, $81,945.74 LTE-CUT, '81 NCHA Futurity finalist
Silverleen, $1,472.68-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Special Remedy, $2,097.61-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
Sugar Remedy, $7,927.89-NCHA; '81 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity O Champion, PCCHA CUT Futurity O Res Champion
Sweet Remedy, $63,720 LTE-CUT; 5 Perf. Pts.
Three Socks Remedy, $21,772 LTE-CUT
Winnerinic, $32,151 LTE-CUT; 1 Perf. Pts.

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