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King 1932; Bay; Zantonon x Jabalina

Stallion Show Record
Hall of Fame, '89 AQHA Inductee
Stallion Offspring Record
Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA & NRHA
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Race Money-earners
Halter Point Earners
Performance Point Earners
AQHA Offspring Record
Total Points Earned: 3,149; Reg Foals: 658; Number Shown: 218; Point
Earners: 147; Halter Points Earned: 1,088; Halter Point Earners: 104;
Superior Halter Awards: 3; Performance Points Earned: 2,061;
Performance Point Earners: 107; Performance ROMS: 84; Superior
Performance Awards: 10; AQHA Champions: 20; Total Superior Awards: 13;
Total ROM's: 84; High Point Wins: 1; Race Earnings: $5,967; Stakes
Winners: 1; 90+ ROMS: 1; Race ROMS: 12; Leading Sire List
AQHA Performance List: #26 All-time leading sire of perf ROM qualifiers
- 84; #15 All-time leading sire of Open AQHA Champions - 20; #2
All-time leading broodmare sire of AQHA Champions - 50
Other Information
Breeder: Manuel Benavides Volpe; Owner: Jess L Hankins, Arcadia, CA

Dark Bay, Foaled June 25, 1932. Standing between 14.4 and 15 hands and weighing approx 1,150 hands 1200 lbs. Described as quick learning, and good natured as a stallion. King began his life as a roping horse. Once proclaimed as the greatest horse of his time, King has become one of the American Quarter Horse industry's cornerstones. While he never won any performance points, King established a dynasty. He sired 20 AQHA Champions, 84 Performance Registers of Merit, 12 Racing Registers of Merit, three Superior Halter Award winners and 10 Superior Performance Award winners. At the time that King was born, there wasn't an American Quarter Horse Association. However, his conformation would later set the standard for American Quarter Horse judging for more than a decade. King died of a heart attack in 1958 but even now, the American Quarter Horse industry is influenced by third, fourth and fifth generation King-bred horses. King died at age 27 of a heart attack March 24th 1958

Zantanon (U)
(Little Joe (U) x Jeanette 2 (U)

Stallion Offspring Record
Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA
ROM Performance Offspring
Race ROM Offspring
Performance Point Earners
AQHA Offspring Record
Total Points Earned: 2; Reg Foals: 46; Number Shown: 5; Point Earners: 1;
Performance Points Earned: 2; Performance Point Earners: 1; Performance ROMS: 1;
Total ROM's: 1;
Race ROMS: 1;

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