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Zan Parr Bar 1974; Chestnut; Par Three x Terry's Pal

Stallion Show Record
World Champion, '77 3-Yr-Old O HLT; '79 Aged O HLt; '80 Aged O HLT
Top Ten World Show, '80 3rd Sr O HL; '79 7th O Sr. HL; '78 4th Jr O HL; 6th Sr HD;
Superior Halter, '77 O
AQHA High Point Halter Horse, '77 O HLT & Jr. HLT
Superior Performance, '78 O Steer Roping
AQHA High Point Performance Horse, '79 O Steer Roping
AQHA Champion, '78 O
NRHA money-earnerv Halter Point Earner
Performance Point Earner
Total Points Earned: 602; Halter Points: 245; Perf Points: 357; Perf Events: WP, WR, RN, HD, HL, CR;
Stallion Offspring Record
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners
Performance Point Earners
AQHA Offspring Record

Total Points Earned: 25,458; Reg Foals: 652; Number Shown: 282; Point Earners: 236; AQHA IF: $409,688;
Halter Points Earned: 1,308.5; Halter Point Earners: 119; Halter ROMS: 6; Superior Halter Awards: 6;
Performance Points Earned: 24,149.5; Performance Point Earners: 296; Performance ROMS: 206; Superior Performance Awards: 149;
AQHA Champions: 23; Total Superior Awards: 155; Total ROM's: 212; World Championships: 40; Res World Championships: 33; High Point Wins: 43; All Around High
Point Wins: 5; Race Earnings: $139;
NRHA Offspr LTE: $226,041
Number of NRHA Offspr: 20
NRHA Offspr Avg Earnings: $11,302
AQHA Offspr NCHA LTE: $4,783
AQHA Offspr NRCHA LTE: $874
AQHA Offspr NSBA LTE: $442

Leading Sire List
AQHA Performance List: #8 All-time leading sire of O Perf ROM qualifiers - 152; #13 All-time leading sire of Open AQHA Champions - 21
Outstanding Offspring

Lucky Zan Parr Bar, HP All Around Champion
Quincy Zan Parr, HP All Around Champion
Reprise Bar, AQHA Superhorse
Skip Zan Parr, Superior WP; World Champ. Sire Jr. CR
Zan Parr Arrow, Superior BR
Zan Parr Audi, HP All Around Champion
Zan Parr Jack, World Champ. 4 times HL, Sr. HL, Jr. WCH
Zans Diamond Sun, 8.5 HLT & 347.5 Perf Pts.; NRHA earnings: $46,615.76, Superior O CR, O HD, O HL; '87 World Champ. O Jr. RN
Zans Last Light, 5.5 HLT & 92 Perf Pts.; '91 World Champion O Jr. CR

Stallion Specialties: Halter, Heading/Heeling, Roping, Western Pleasure, Reining Zan Parr Bar -- AQHA Champion, 3-Time World Show Champion Halter Stallion, 2-Time World Champion Roping, World Show Super Horse Sire, A National Leading Sire of AQHA Champions, World Champions, National All-Arounds;
One of the greatest all-around sires in the history of the breed, trained and shown to his great career by Billy Allen, Zan Parr Bar took Carol Rose to the halter arena, the roping arena, and back to the reining, cowhorse and even the show horse arenas, initiating Carol's extreme involvement in the American Quarter Horse Association that endures today. At a time when specialization within the breed was becoming the norm, the 12 crops sired by Zan Parr Bar literally did it all, earning nearly 25,000 points in almost every AQHA approved event. Many of his most famous sons and daughters were shown by one of the many trainers Carol has helped make famous: Bobby Lewis, who would train for Carol Rose for 21 years. The success of the Bobby, Carol and Zan Parr Bar team shattered all previous records, at which point they commenced to break their own records, with the aid of what would become some of the greatest producers in history, each mare hand-picked. Just when Zan Parr Bar was on his way to breaking all records as a sire, he died of Colitis X on November 25, 1987.

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